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Hey there, taco enthusiasts! We're the dreamers behind Trompo, a love story that began in 2008. One chilly winter, it hit us: Dallas was missing out on legit tacos de Trompo, and those street tacos needed a serious glow-up from just being greasy hangover cures. Fast forward a bit - after a bunch of heart-to-heart chats with family, we decided to turn the taco world upside down.

In 2014, things got real. We got Uncle's blessing to use that secret Trompo recipe, and with the whole crew on board, we threw the most epic taco party ever. It was like a family reunion with a twist of lime. From that night on, every Friday was a backyard fiesta, complete with a trompo de carbon, a vintage Coca-Cola fridge, and a lot of nervous excitement. 

Fast forward again to now, we're not just your friendly neighborhood taco slingers. Trompo has set up shop in Oak Cliff, dishing out some seriously tasty antojitos regios - tacos, quesadillas, and the works. And guess what? We're taking the Trompo party to you with our catering magic. Weddings, birthdays, graduations - you name it, we taco 'bout it. So come on over, be part of our familia, and let's taco 'bout life. Just so you know, we're all about good vibes and great tacos – no franchises, just family fun!